Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


We, at Asian Oilfield Services Limited (ASIAN) understand how important it is to not only maintain extremely high standards of quality for our customers and investors, but also how important it is to maintain extremely high standards of safety to avoid accidents and keep our employees safe at all times. Additionally, being oil and gas service contractors, we, at ASIAN, recognize that we must always operate in a manner to try minimize damage to the environment we work in, which includes not only the ecology and biosphere but also the people who live close to the sites we work at.

We, at ASIAN are committed to achieve Quality and Occupational Health & Safety excellence by providing a safe & healthy workplace whilst consistently and reliably delivering best-in-class products and services to our customers and minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. Furthermore, we are committed to complying with applicable legal, business and client regulatory requirements wherever we operate, following the industry-wide best practices for QHSE management, and ensuring that our practices not only meet but also exceed the appropriate international standards.

We, at ASIAN do this by having extremely stringent quality controls, safeguards, and redundancies in place to always make sure we are doing our job while keeping the risk to the people and the environment as low as reasonably possible (ALARP). Our people are the connections that hold our QHSE commitments together, and for that purpose we rigorously train and regularly re-train all our field employees to follow QHSE protocol.

Defined QHSE policy elements

  • Leadership and Commitment to the Organization
  • Organization, Personal Responsibilities, and Effective Resource Management
  • On-Site People Competency & Behavior
  • On-Site Risk Management
  • Use of Contracted Services for Better Safety Practices wherever required
  • Rigorous Planning Prior to Implementation
  • Constant Monitoring during Project Implementation
  • Always being prepared for every Contingency, especially regarding Incidents & Accidents
  • Understanding the Appropriate Emergency Response through Training and Drills
  • Uphold our Social Responsibilities to the Locals
  • Audit and Review all activities On-Site at each Project Phase