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At Asian Oilfield Services we are constantly looking for the right talent to drive our company towards achieving greater heights.

Our leadership team consists of highly experienced ,energetic and progressive individuals. We are committed to provide a workplace where all feel respected and valued. We have a stimulating, challenging and an open culture providing equal opportunity to all and we encourage out of box thinking, a strong commitment towards excellence and teamwork.

Employee development is core to our philosophy and we strive to be a great place to work at.

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We have 3 different types of entry-levels for positions we usually hire for:


We usually hire interns and recent graduates directly through campus placements, but we welcome applicants to also apply online. We hire in various disciplines including Engineering, Management, Economics, Geosciences, etc. We look for creative, diligent, and driven people who can work well in teams. While we value applicants with diplomas from prestigious institutions, what we value most is an applicant's ability to solve problems in a real-world setting.

If we see your potential and choose to hire you, then you can be assured that we will add value to you as a professional through our graduate trainee scheme which helps you transition into the professional setting seamlessly and set you on a path to make you future managers and leaders. So please feel free to apply using the form below.


Within the ASIAN family, we have several very experienced professionals who have been in the Oil and Gas space for decades and other professionals who have joined us from many diverse industries, sectors and backgrounds. We greatly value their industry experience, excellence, innovations, and leadership.

We are always looking for highly-qualified applicants for various positions within various fields such as - Geosciences, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Management, and Commercial. If you feel that you have the experience and capability to contribute while assuming senior positions in our company, then please apply down below.

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